Twelve-bulb chandelier Vesca with crystal elements


Classic, antique silver crystal chandelier Vesca made by Schonbek Vesca, the wild strawberry, is symbolised by this chandelier which was named after the botanical name of the wild strawberry, fragraria vesca.

The delicacy and grace which are spread by the small white blossoms of the strawberry when they open in the spring are also inherent in the crystal chandelier Vesca, whose metal arms have been covered with an elegant silver finish by hand.

The crystal chains which adorn the canopy are comprised of countless Spectra crystals which sparkle in the light of the light bulbs.

When it comes to opulent chandeliers and those with crystal elements, the lights made by Schonbek are right at the top of the list.

Since 1870, the traditional company has produced crystal lights by hand and in accordance with an old tradition of craftsmanship.

Founded in Bohemia, the birthplace of the glass cutting art, Schonbek now operates from the USA.

The well-known Schonbek lights can be found equally in private premises and in palaces, e.g.

Buckingham Palace.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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