Golden hanging light Eclyptix with crystals


Classic charm and a contemporary look: the Eclyptix crystal hanging light Eclyptix – the name of this extravagant hanging light points towards its design; although it is not entirely correct – after all, an eclipse is when the sun is completely hidden, and that means no light at all.

This is certainly not the case with this light – it emits plenty, and this light is sparkling and quite magical.

The innumerable crystal chains, which come in various lengths, hang from the lampshade and create this sparkle: They break up the light emitted by the ten bulbs into thousands of particles to bathe the room in glittering light.

Eclipse is relevant to this light insofar as it imitates the sun as a fixed star.

The Spectra crystals spark associations with a stunning clear night sky full of twinkling stars.

Crystal lights from Schonbek enjoy a long tradition.

Adolph Schonbek founded his chandelier factory in Bohemia back in 1870.

The lights were produced by hand, as they are to this day, and made to order.

Since emigration to the USA in the 1940s, the company has been based in Plattsburgh, New York.

Production also takes place in the USA.

The European craftsmanship, which is visible in each and every product, has remained the same since the beginning of the company’s history.

Schonbek chandeliers can be found in private homes, as well as in luxury hotels, casinos and even palaces.

Buckingham Palace and the White House stand amongst the places featuring specially made Schonbek lights.

Energy efficiency class:D

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