Crystalline Icicles – sparkling hanging light


A sparkling curtain of crystalline icicles – the Crystalline Icicles hanging light The name of this hanging light actually says it all: Crystalline Icicles.

And that’s exactly what it looks like.

Crystal chains of different lengths – which actually look like icicles when viewed from a distance – hang from the stainless steel profile, in which the light bulbs are located.

These crystals, however, not only form a beautiful “crystal curtain”, but also create a very special light effect.

The crystals refract the light that hits them from above, and distribute it with a sparkle all around the room.

Daniel Swarovski, a glass cutter from Bohemia, discovered the fascination that surrounds artfully cut crystals and founded his company in 1895.

The Swarovski headquarters are still in the small town of Wattens in Austria.

The well-known Swarovski crystals are an integral part of the jewellery and fashion industry.

The production of crystal lights was a more or less obvious extension of Swarovski’s product portfolios.

Light and crystal form a wonderful symbiosis, which adds sparkling moments to everyday life.

Energy efficiency class:A++

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