Buquet table lamp, 24 carat gold-plated brass


Buquet table lamp made of 24-carat gold-plated brass radiates history – quality and ideas made in Germany — Limited special edition — A piece of history has been brought back to life with this table lamp.

The history of the Buquet table lamp dates back long into the German past: in the year 1927.

On February 9th of this year, the little known Edward-Wilfrid Buquet had the joints of this lamp patented in Paris.

Would he have also been aware of his product shining like new in 24-carat gold-plate brass after almost a century? The Buquet table lamp was meticulously reconstructed and exudes its history with every millimetre of the silver-plated metal surface.

The frame, which was hand-made for this limited edition, has a traditional look and evokes nostalgic feelings, whereby the joints preserve the core of the light’s history.

You can see the authenticity of this lighting product in them and the consecutive numbering, as well as the TECNOLUMEN stamps.

This premium lighting product can also be put to functional use and has a very elegant look in workspaces.

Equipped with a 50 W halogen bulb, it ensures an excellent brightness even in longer tests.

The company TECNOLUMEN – Programme with heart The company TECNOLUMEN is based entirely on the Bauhaus-style: Their first product was the Wagenfeld table lamp in 1979.

In addition to Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s models, TECNOLUMEN integrated even more design classics of Bauhaus in their program; from Marianne Brandt to the designs of other designers such as Walter Schnepel.

Art Deco and De Stijl are also shaping the program of this manufacturer.

Energy efficiency class:A+

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