Bronze crystal LED pendant light Revealed Open


Gold bronze shimmering LED crystal pendant lamp Revealed Open by Swarovski The strictly geometrical shapes of the pendant lamp Revealed Open initially appear very puristic.

However, when you turn the light on, it reveals its splendour and shows its strengths.

On the one hand, the arrangement of the light emission is remarkable.

The built-in LEDs do not only shine directly downwards, but also inwards, which means that indirect light is also emitted by the LEDs.

On the other hand, a lot of small crystals are used as a kind of diffuser, with the result that the light is refracted by the crystals and a brilliant sparkle is created.

Another special feature is that the LEDs can be dimmed, allowing the light intensity to be set as you wish.

It is really only natural that crystals are particularly suitable for the manufacture of lights, as the special cut of these glass products can only reveal its beauty and effect when it comes into contact with light.

The fact that crystals are, in themselves, a timeless product which has fascinated people for centuries is, however, illustrated by the success story of the company Swarovski, which stands for artistically cut crystal glass products throughout the world.

Energy efficiency class:A+

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