Black Revealed Open crystal LED pendant light


Revealed Open dimmable LED Crystal pendant light in elegant black At first sight, the truly geometric forms of the Revealed Open pendant light seem quite simple and puristic.

This purism is still supported by the elegant colour scheme.

As soon as you turn Revealed Open on, however, the true splendour of the light unfolds.

First of all, the arrangement of the light openings is remarkable.

The light that emanates from the recessed LEDs not only shines downwards, but also inwards, so that additional indirect light radiates from the pendant light, creating a very cosy atmosphere in the room.

Furthermore, Swarovski crystals are used as diffusers, so that the outgoing light is refracted through the crystals creating a beautiful sparkle.

The founder of the well-known Swarovski dynasty, Daniel Swarovski, founded a company in 1895 that specialised in the mechanical cutting of crystal.

Today, Swarovski is active in a wide range of industries worldwide and is the largest gemstone supplier.

In addition to the jewellery and fashion industry, the lighting industry is also experiencing what a wonderful effect the sparkling stones have.

Swarovski lights create a great ambience and an exclusive flair.

0-10 V dimmable Energy efficiency class:A+

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