Avanti – high quality dimmable LED pendant lamp


Elegant pendant lamp Avanti with aluminium components The pendant lamp Avanti provides a satin glass pane in the centre, which can be rotated in turn.

This light is connected with three metal ropes that come together on top on the ceiling mount.

Due to the integrated LEDs, four in number, the luminosity is distributed evenly and at the same time intensively.

The warm white colour scheme goes downwards as well as upwards.

Hereby, the pendant lamp Avanti light has a high decorative value, something for offices or waiting rooms.

A special feature is that both sides of the glass pane different light fluctuation is generated.

Since the three small LEDs are placed opposite a bigger LED lamp on the other side.

Depending on the desired atmosphere, the luminosity of this can be controlled, in general also by dimmable LEDs..

All that is promised by a product made in Germany, which meets modern safety regulations and produced according to IP20.

In the context of the claims of Escale, to combine the aesthetics of light with the room, this pendant lamp meets the requirements of timeless design.

Energy efficiency class:A

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